ZipWall Dust Barrier Poles - Secure Grip

ZipWall Dust Barrier spring-loaded poles are securely held by a non-skid surface at the bottom and top. The spring-loaded pole securely holds in place even when bumped.

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ZipWall Dust Barrier Poles Single Motion Setup

ZipWall Dust Barrier spring-loaded poles are quick and easy to set up and reposition. Setting up is done in a single motion – simply extend the pole, raise it to the ceiling and twist it to lock. It takes seconds

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Zipwall - How to Set Up a Dust Barrier in Minutes 

ZipWall dust barrier system provides dust containment solutions for residential and commercial remodeling and renovation — quick & easy ways to set up plastic barriers, cover doors, create zipper doors, seal a barrier, seal off a hallway, work with negative air, and more.

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