Larsens Plaster Weld 5 Gallon

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Mfr. Model # LAR-PW-5
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Larsens Plaster Weld 5 Gallon

Plaster-Weld® bonds new plaster to any clean, structurally sound, interior surface. The original chemical plaster bonding agent is a patented formulation incorporating a polyvinyl acetate homopolymer. DESIGNED FOR INTERIOR USE ONLY, the high-performance bonding of one-coat finish plaster and/or two and three coat work to concrete ceilings, walls, columns, beams, and other structurally sound surfaces.

Plaster-Weld® prepares the surface to allow you to plaster directly to concrete over electric radiant heat cable, and to bond, cement mortar beds to smooth concrete for installation of rigid foam insulation. Concrete, brick, block, glass, ceramic tile, wallboard, metals (e.g. sheet lead in x-ray rooms) and marble are suitable sound surfaces, structurally.

Plaster-Weld® can be used over paints having oil, rubber or vinyl bases, and over silicone-treated surfaces, as well as latex paints.

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Brand Name: Larsens Product Corp
Brand Part Number: LAR-PW-5
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