LPS 07255 Instant Super Degreaser 2.0, 55gal. Drum

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Mfr. Model # 07255

LPS 07255 Instant Super Degreaser 2.0, 55gal. Drum

An industrial- strength degreaser with no brominated solvents, trichlorethylene or perchloroethylene for an improved health and safety profile.


  • Non-flammable – can be used on or near energized equipment. This improves safety and reduces downtime associated with de-energizing equipment.
  • Non-brominated – improved health and safety profile for increased worker safety and simplified employer compliance.
  • Fast(er) Evaporation – quickens clean-up time. Improves productivity and reduces downtime
  • No Rinsing/No Residue – no wiping or rinsing prior to next production step, reduces time and labor.
  • Heavy-duty Performance – removes oil, grease, dirt, and tar with less cleaner, saving money.
  • Non-conductive – can be used on or near energized equipment, eliminating equipment downtime.
  • Power Blast Spray – blasts away dirt, oil, and other residues for quicker cleaning (increased productivity).
  • Aerosol - Nonfood Compounds Program Listed Category Code: K1 Registration #151505


  • Cables
  • Bearings
  • Air Compressors
  • Cranes
  • Electric Motors
  • Forklifts
  • Gears

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Brand Name: LPS
Brand Part Number: 07255
$9,705.13 / each
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