1.  How can I change or add to my order?

Once an order has been placed online, we cannot add to or make changes affecting the total price of the order. If your order has not yet been shipped, please call customer service at 888-721-3641 and you may cancel your purchase and re-submit a new order.


2.  Where can I send PO’s?

Purchase orders may be emailed to service@emisupply.com or use the contact us form to submit PO or questions.


3.  How long are quotes valid?

Most quotes are valid for 30 days. Depending on the item and/or market conditions, some quotes may only be valid for 7-10 days, but this will be noted on the quote you receive.


4.  What are my payment options?

EMI Supply accepts payment via Company Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Net 30 terms are also offered on approved accounts.


5.  How do I apply for Net 30 terms?

Register an account to take advantage of credit terms. Applications are accessible after account registration


6.   What if I am tax-exempt?

To avoid having tax charged on your order, new customers who are tax-exempt must provide EMI Supply with an exemption certificate prior to placing an order. Not all states will have taxes charged. If you notice tax being charged to your order and are tax-exempt, please follow the steps below to submit documentation.

Create an account on www.emisupply.com but DO NOT place an order

Email your exemption certificate to service@emisupply.com. Please reference the email associated with the account and/or the company name on the account.

Please allow up to 24 hours to review your tax status, normally under a few hours. Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation notifying you that the account has been updated to Tax Exempt. You may need to logout and then log back in to complete the order.

**Tax refunds WILL NOT be issued on purchases that are made prior to following these steps**


7.   How do I access my order history?

If you have an account, log into your account and click on “My Orders” at the bottom of the website or click the “My Orders” menu item on your My Account section.

If you chose to checkout as a guest, please check your email for confirmations and updates. You can register after placing an order to view order history as well via the “Welcome to EMI Supply” email sent upon order confirmation to the email used on the order.


8.  How do I get a receipt for my purchase?

Receipts are emailed upon order confirmation to the email used on the order.

If you created an account, log in to your account, click “My Orders” menu item on your My Account page. Find your order and click the View Order button. You will see your invoice/receipt listed. Click the Print button to print your receipt.


9.  How much will it cost to ship my item?

The quickest and most accurate way to know how much it will cost to ship is to follow these steps:

On our website, find the item you intend to purchase, input the desired quantity, then proceed to checkout.

You will be brought to the Login page. You may either login with your existing account, or users without an account may continue as Guest to proceed directly to checkout.

You will then need to fill out some basic information. Name, shipping address, etc. All required information will have a (*) next to it. Once all required information is filled in, click “Continue” and you will then see all of your available shipping options as well as the costs for those services.


10.  Can I ship collect or third-party using my account?

Please call our service team at 888-721-3641 or email us at service@emisupply.com


11.  Where is my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email containing the tracking information for your shipment. If you created an account, you may also log into your account and see the order status here.

If you have not received a shipment notification via email and would like to know if your order has shipped, please email us at service@emisupply.com or call customer service 888-721-3641 and follow the prompts to check on an existing order.


12.  What is EMI Supply’s return policy?

Please see our Shipping & Returns policy Section


13.  What if my order arrives damaged?

 If you receive a package that has been damaged by the freight carrier, please email service@emisupply.com or call us at 888-721-3641 within 72 hours of receipt so that we can review the damage and/or issue a replacement order. Please have photos of the damage to aid in filing a damage claim with the freight carrier. If receiving an LTL shipment, and notice damage or a shortage, please note this on the BOL before the driver leaves. Once the BOL has been signed for as received in full, with no damage, a freight claim cannot be processed and replacement cannot be issued.