Collomix Xo 6-R Paddle Mixer, 2-Speed, 3.1 HP Motor

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Mfr. Model # Xo 6-R

Collomix Xo 6-R Paddle Mixer, 2-Speed, 3.1 HP Motor

The Xo 6 R is the most powerful paddle mixer for larger mixing quantities. With a 2.1 HP motor, it’s a heavy-duty powerhouse to mix the most demanding materials with ease. Its two speeds and a throttle switch give you more control. It’s made in Germany with high-quality materials, making it a reliable workhorse on your job site. Four rubber bumpers protect the machine when it’s laid down, and also help absorb falls. Specially designed ergonomic handles reduce fatigue, while a raised handlebar ensures an upright working position to eliminate back strain. It’s designed for paddles up to 6.3 inches. With optional HEXAFIX® quick coupling, you can change paddles quickly without additional tools.

Use the full power of the machine at either slow or fast speed. The specially designed gear unit transfers occurring forces to the paddle, so you always have the full power of the machine, regardless of the speed. Solid shafts and gear wheels ensure a long service life without failures.

Models with a 2-speed gearbox give you the additional option of using rotational speed or power in the best possible way. The slower gear provides the full power of the machine's torque, which is needed for heavy and tough materials. The faster gear brings speed, which is necessary for leveling compounds or adhesives.

The robust steel frame safely absorbs the forces that occur and underlines the professional character of the machine. The rubber buffers on the corners prevent damage to surfaces and allow the machine to be laid down softly.

All models have an ON/OFF switch with integrated electronic speed control. The further the switch is pressed, the faster the paddle rotates. This allows you to control the speed sensitively and control the mixing process without spraying material.

To prevent the unintentional starting of the machine, it has a lock-on switch. You must first press the safety button and then press the start switch. When you release the start switch, it locks again by itself - this is active safety for you.

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Brand Name: Collomix
Brand Part Number: Xo 6-R
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