Collomix TMX-1000 Heavy Duty Compact Mixer, 2.7 HP Motor, 21 Gallon

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Mfr. Model # TMX1000

Collomix TMX-1000 Heavy Duty Compact Mixer, 2.7 HP Motor, 21 Gallon

The TMX 1000 is a compact, powerful automatic mixer specially designed for pre-bagged, heavy materials. Three precisely angled arms spin at a low rotation to thoroughly mix up to three bags of heavy materials. Let the TMX do the mixing, so you can be productive on the jobsite.

Fill the TMX with several bags of material. The rip bar opens the material bags for you and the material falls completely into the mixing drum. After the desired mixing quality has been achieved, the material is emptied via the outlet at the bottom. The rotating tool automatically conveys all material out of the hopper. Thanks to the vibrating mechanism at the outlet, material jams are no longer a problem. All this ensures an accelerated mixing process and increases productivity.

The TMX fits through standard 31” doors with ease. With two stable wheels, it’s easy to maneuver wherever you need it, even over uneven surfaces and when loading and unloading off the truck.

Spend less time cleaning at the end of the day. Remove the mixing paddle and pull out the extractable chute without tools for easy cleaning. Simply wipe down the drum. No residue is left.

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Brand Name: Collomix
Brand Part Number: TMX1000
$3,069.24 / each

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