Collomix LX120HF Low Viscosity Mixing Paddle

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Mfr. Model # LX120HF

Collomix LX120HF Low Viscosity Mixing Paddle

  • Ideal for paints, dispersions, lacquers, glazings, coatings, epoxy
  • Ideal for 5 gallon bucket mix or one 50lb bag of material
  • Hexafix connection for Xo machines
  • Top down mixing to reduce air intake

The super-fast turbo mixing paddle. The paddle generates a strong flow from the bottom up. Optimal flow conditions when used with high-speed drives.

The turbine-like paddle generates a powerful flow in a very short time and at the same time disperses the material components intensively into the mixture. For super-fast results.

The drive machine is an important factor because nothing works in mixing without sufficient power. But the paddle used determines how easily the work proceeds and how good the result will be. That's why it's so important to be clear about which paddle is suitable for which material.

Our Paddles are made in Germany. In a manufacturing process on the most modern production equipment as well as with individual care, we produce the tools for you.

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Brand Name: Collomix
Brand Part Number: LX120HF
$29.16 / each

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