Cetco Hydrobar Tube 2" x 24"

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Mfr. Model # HYDROBAR

Cetco Hydrobar Tube 2" x 24"

HYDROBAR TUBES are a detailing accessory product for CETCO Waterproofing Systems used at the footing/wall junction to provide additional waterproofing protection. HYDROBAR TUBES consist of a thin, water-soluble tubing filled with granular sodium bentonite. When wetted, the tubing dissolves, allowing the bentonite to hydrate and form into a dense, low permeable material that combines with the sodium bentonite in the VOLCLAY System products. Each Hydrobar Tube measures 2” (50 mm) in diameter by 2’ (0.61 m), assuring a consistent application of sodium bentonite at the critical footing/wall junction.

The mineralogical composition of sodium bentonite is a minimum of 90% Montmorillonite with a maximum of 10% native sediments and unaltered volcanic ash. Typical sieve analysis is 90% through a 20 mesh sieve and 10% through a 200 mesh sieve. The free swell rating of the bentonite is: two grams sifted into deionized water swells to occupy a minimum volume of 16 ccs.


  • HYDROBAR TUBES are designed to work in conjunction with VOLCLAY waterproofing membranes at the footing/wall junction of foundation walls. HYDROBAR TUBES are a convenient method of providing additional waterproofing protection at this critical junction. HYDROBAR TUBES are not an expansion joint sealant.


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