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Spot Weld Drill Bits

  Spot Weld Drill Bits
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Norseman 186 Weldout Spotweld Super Cobalt Drill Bit, Spur Point
Norseman Drill & Tool
This rugged high performance drill is designed to effectively cut auto body panel spotwelds.
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Norseman 187 Weldout Spotweld Super Cobalt Drill Bit, Modified Point
Norseman Drill & Tool
The modified point on the Type 187 drill is chip resistant with slightly greater penetration into the second panel.
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Norseman 187-DN Weldout Spotweld M42 Cobalt Drill Bit, Spur Point
Norseman Drill & Tool
Titanium nitride coated M42 cobalt steel spotweld drills are designed for use in high strength high alloy steel commonly used in the automobile industry.into the second panel.
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Norseman 187-B Weldout Spotweld Carbide ALTiN Coated Drill Bit
Norseman Drill & Tool
Use in high temperature operations and difficult to machine materials. ALTiN coating improves lubricity, eliminating lubrication requirements.
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