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Hazardous Location Materials

Hazardous locations are those locations where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustable dust, or ignitable fibers or flyings.

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» Definition of Hazardous Locations

Topic: Hazardous Location Materials
A hazardous location is defined as an area where a potential for fire or explosion exists due to the presence of flammable gases, liquids or vapors, combustible dusts or fibers and flyings in sufficient quantities to produce an explosion or ignitable mixture.

» Sealed Fittings: Why Are They Necessary?

Topic: Hazardous Location Materials
Sealoffs prevent explosions from spreading through conduit systems and igniting outside atmospheres. When properly installed and filled with a UL-listed sealing compound, they create a physical barrier that minimizes the passage of gases from traveling freely through the conduit.
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 articles) Result Pages:  1