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» Abrasives Glossary

Coated Abrasives Glossary & Terms

» Abrasives Lesson 1: The Development and Manufacture of Coated Abrasives

The Development and Manufacture of Coated Abrasives

» Abrasives Lesson 2: Flexing

Flexing is the controlled cracking or breaking, in one or more directions of the adhesive bond which holds the abrasive grain to the backing, with the aim of varying the flexibility and aggressiveness of the product.

» Abrasives Lesson 3: Splices

Abrasive belt splices and configurations

» Abrasives Lesson 4: Metalworking - Basic Belt Methods and Contact Wheels

This lesson describes the three basic methods of using coated abrasive belts: slack of belt, platens and contact wheels.

» Abrasives Lesson 5: Contact Wheels - Troubleshooting and Related Information

What can go wrong with contact wheel choices and what to do to fix them.

» Abrasives Lesson 6: Abrasive Belt Considerations

Select the right belt for your application.

» Abrasives Lesson 7: Metalworking Belt Grinding Machines and Applications

Metalworking Belt Grinding MachinesĀ and Applications: Centerless Grinding

» Abrasives Lesson 8: Grinding Aids

The Use of Lubricants and Coolants with Coated Abrasive Belts

» Abrasives Lesson 9: Belt Problems and Solutions

Solving Belt Problems (Loading, Glazing, Stripping)

» Abrasives Lesson 10: Resin Sander Discs and Pads

Resin sanding discs are used with portable disc grinders which are among the most widely used machines in the metal-working industry as well as other manufacturing. Disc grinding is often taken for granted because it has been in universal use for such a long time. As a result, plant engineers, forem...

» Abrasives Lesson 11: Sheets, Discs, and Rolls

A surprisingly large volume of coated abrasives is sold in the form of sheets, rolls, and discs for use in hand or mechanical applications. Many of these are used in general maintenance, paint preparation, or for cleaning and polishing metal parts. Practically every manufacturing plant is a potentia...

» Abrasives Lesson 12: Basic Types and Applications for Woodworking

Basic Machine Types and ApplicationsĀ for Woodworking

» Abrasives Lesson 13: Woodworking Considerations

Possible causes of irregular surface finish and calculations to identify the issue.

» Abrasives Lesson 14: Non Metallic Grinding and Finishing

Non-metallic is the grinding, beveling, dimensioning, and finishing of glass, rubber, stone, brick, ceramics, and plastics. The primary products used on the above are silicon carbide belts in waterproof and non-waterproof X weight cotton and polyester materials.

» Abrasives Lesson 15: Storage and Handling of Coated Abrasive Products

Storage conditions are among the most important factors affecting the performance of coated abrasives. Unfortunately, it is generally ignored. Coated abrasives will usually perform at maximum efficiency only when they are properly handled and stored. Coated abrasive products require special care in...

» Abrasive Safety - PLAY IT SAFE AT THE WHEEL


» Grinding wheels, rocks, stones - what's the difference?

Grinding wheels used in portable applications are strong, tough tools, but many in the industry have called them, rocks, or, stones, implying that they are unbreakable.

» How-to Choose and Use Non-woven Abrasives

Abrasive products used for finishing of metal and non-metallic workpieces in the production plant are generally categorized into two main groups: bonded abrasives (usually grinding wheels) and coated abrasives (belts, discs, sheets, etc.). These are the products used to remove stock during the produ...

» Right-Angle Grinding in Welding Operations

There now are more and more products that can be used with the right-angle grinder, and the tool is becoming more and more useful because of the wider range of products available. This article provides information on the products available, what to use for what application, and how to use these prod...

» EMI Introduces Carborundum Premier Red Abrasives

EMI Supply Inc. announces the addition of Carborundum Premier Red Abrasives to its product offering. Carborundum Premier Red abrasives set the standard for quality and performance for any sanding application.
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