Benner Nawman BNHC-20 Rebar Cutter Medium Duty, Up to 3/4" (#6) Grade 60 Rebar

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Mfr. Model # BNHC-20

Benner Nawman BNRC-20 Rebar Cutter Medium Duty, Up to 3/4” (#6) Grade 60 Rebar 

The new Black Series line of the most popular rebar cutter on the planet.  This portable heavy-duty rebar cutter will safely, efficiently, and cleanly cut rebar up to #6 (3/4”, 19 mm) diameter grade 60 rebar. This self-contained electric/hydraulic unit will also cut other items like chains, bolts, and rods but is specifically designed for rebar. DIAMOND originated this concept in 1972; continuous development has led to higher output, lower weight, and even greater toughness and durability. The BNRC-20 is a cold-cutting shear unlike saws with abrasive blades and cutting torches. There are no sparks or flames and no trailing hoses to snare equipment or workers’ feet. Suggested for epoxy-coated rebar. The fastest, safest, and most economical way to cut rebar on the job. The DC-20WH ships are complete in a durable plastic carrying case with hydraulic oil and a tool kit. 

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Brand Name: BN Products
Brand Part Number: BNHC-20

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