How to use Albion's Slip-on Follow Plates

(504-G15 and 504-G16)

Introducing the new 504-G15 and 504-G16 Follow Plates for bulk caulk loading. With its quick push-on and pull-off seal feature, no barrel threading is required! Faster and cleaner loading of caulk from a pail.

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How to Use an Albion Bulk Cartridge Gun

Albion offers a variety of bulk dispensers, from manual, cordless, and air-powered, with 20oz, 30oz, and even 80oz loading capacity.

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How to Convert a B12S20 Sausage Gun to Dispense

Bulk or 10oz cartridges

Learn how to convey any B-Line Sausage gun with this how-to video. An Albion B-Line Sausage gun, such as the B12S20, comes with a yellow Bulk piston to dispense 20oz of bulk material and a metal cartridge ejector to dispense a 10oz cartridge.

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